Artist Statement – Dawna Mark

After many years of focusing on media images as a glimpse of what our society is offering,
my focus has shifted to the meaning and history of decoration. Despite this shift in focus,
there still lingers an attraction to our cultural wallpaper. As a result, the media images
themselves, once used to call to mind the current events and societal concerns, serve as
decoration. The meaning, depending on the viewer of course, has shifted from informative to reflective. A display of balance, composition, repetition and order allows us to assume reason without reality.
Am I forcing history to repeat itself?
Or is it through the awareness of patterns of civilizations that the media is simply a grand
redundancy navigator?

E.H. Gombrich, The Sense of Order:

The spirit of decoration- offers us a feast for the eye without demanding that we should
taste of every dish… the pleasures of anticipation and of memory. (Pg. 103)


2018 SLIVER with PAINTER8, Charles Clark Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2017 PAINTER8, Creative Coworkers, Vancouver, BC
2017 Saucy with PAINTER8, Red Gate Arts Society, Vancouver, BC
2013 Tim Hortons Brier, Rexall Place, Edmonton, AB
2012 World Junior Hockey Championship, BMO Centre, Calgary, AB
2011 Haus of Art, Kensington Executive Suites, Calgary, AB
2011 Art Up, Arts Astray and The Calgary Tower, Calgary, AB
1999 "Something Manifesto", U. of C. Graduating exhibition, The Nickle Arts Museum
1998, 1997, 1996- Arts Parkade, U of C's Fine Arts Department biannual open house.
1998 A Room With Walls, Mezzanine Gallery, Calgary
1998 Pictures of you, The Little Gallery, Calgary
1997 Post Miniature Silent Auction, The Little Gallery/ Art Is Vital


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images © Dawna Mark